About Parkinson's Disease

Dr James Parkinson and The Red Tulip


Dr James Parkinson - Parkinson's disease was named after James Parkinson (1755 - 1824), the London doctor who first reported the symptoms in 1817, calling it the 'Shaking Palsy'. It was his pioneering work in identifying and describing the disease that brought it to the attention of the medical profession. 


World Parkinson's Disease Day   is celebrated on 11th April in commemoration of Dr. James Parkinson's  birthday. The tulip has been adopted as a logo by many Parkinson's organisations around the world, including the MPDA and the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA). In 1995, the Working Group on Parkinson's Disease (formed by the World Health Organization in 1997) supported the consensus that the EPDA logo be used as the Worldwide Symbol of Parkinson's Disease. Wearing the red tulip raises awareness and shows support for people living with Parkinson's and their families globally.


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