About Parkinson's Disease

Hint and Tips on coping daily with PD


We asked our members to tell us what really helps them in their daily activities and for any hints and tips they would like to pass on. If you have any hints and tips to share, email us on info@maltaparkinsons.com and we'll add them to this page to pass on to others. 


“The morning is usually the worst time of the day. This is because I would have had no medication for a long period of time, so the first thing I must do is to get some medication inside me, even before I get out of bed. I feel awful but I know I have to keep going. I usually turn on the TV or radio to get some life into me and to listen to the news about people far worse off than me. It helps to hear about other people's problems, but sometimes it doesn't seem to matter; I feel sorry for myself. I think I have been hard done by and I just go around the house muttering and moaning while I am taking my medication. Slowly but surely, I gradually feel more like a human being and more able to walk properly and not to shake so much.”


“I take things slowly throughout the day and I have a chair in every single room in the house, as I need to sit down very often. This saves me walking too much which could end up with me falling.”


“Drink lots, eat little and often and keep your mind active and busy. There are many websites on the Internet that can keep you busy all day doing quizzes and memory games, keeping your mind active and not giving one too much time to think about negative situations.”


“If I feel tired, no matter when or what time it is, I rest and very often go to sleep for a few minutes or much longer. This can occur soon after my morning shower, but it can happen any time. Fighting against the tired feeling makes me feel worse so, if I’d already feel tired and sleepy just one hour after I get up in the morning, then I rest and maybe sleep some more. I always feel better for it and would have obviously needed it.”


“Have a sense of humour and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.”


“A one hour early morning walk – whatever the weather conditions, if you can help it. Also carry out recommended physiotherapy exercises tailor-made to your particular physical condition.”


“What we find helpful is doing things slowly, taking our time, and planning ahead if going out so that we are not rushed.”


“Try to keep mobile when watching TV; when the adverts come on, stand up and have a walk around.”


“Always try to keep busy, walk (if not alone, then with your carer) and do the exercises that physiotherapists tell you to do.”

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