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Step Up for Parkinson’s are regular dance classes for people with Parkinson’s provided by the MPDA in partnership with Natalie Muschamp. Dance has been proven to be beneficial in dealing with symptoms such as freezing gait, balance and motor disability. It has also been seen to improve mood, mental health and ultimately quality of life. The classes provide a place for support, interaction and freedom of movement.


Patients with Parkinson’s can suffer from isolation which can lead to depression. Dance has been shown to have a positive effect on mood and may help patients psychologically thus reducing the extent of possible depression. Dance also provides a fun social environment where patients can interact with others but also feel safe.


Research has proven that by attending bi weekly dance therapy classes, people with Parkinson’s quality of life improves within 10 weeks. Also patients are likely to see improvements in mobility and balance as well as confidence.





Together with the MPDA Natalie is setting up regular dance classes in Malta for people with Parkinson’s.


People with Parkinson’s and their carers are welcome to join the classes. All levels of mobility can benefit and classes will be adapted for the abilities of each participant.


Price: MPDA members €7 per class, non-members €10. Price paid by person with PD. Carer attends for free. 


Time: Twice weekly classes commencing 4th July 2016. Mondays & Fridays 6.00-7.30pm. 


Location: The School of Dance, 24 Triq Il-Baruza, San Gwann.


Bookings is essential and can be made by email on info@maltaparkinsons.com or by calling 99992008.





Natalie has worked in dance and choreography professionally for over ten years. Natalie originally studied dance in the Netherlands and she is now currently furthering her dance studies in Malta. Her aim is to continue as a dance teacher/therapist and thus help others to improve their lives through creative movement and dance methods. Recently Natalie followed a course in the UK given by the Dance for Parkinson's network UK and people dancing in partnership with English National Ballet, Plymouth Dance and Plymouth University.


Natalie’s first contact with Parkinson’s was within her own family. Her aunt Ineke Spoorenberg sadly lost her partner to Parkinson’s. After this loss Ineke walked a pilgrimage from Amsterdam to Rome in 2010 and with this raised 13,100 euros for the Dutch Parkinson’s Foundation. Later on Natalie was introduced to the Dance for Parkinson’s association from Brooklyn, and after a period of research she felt compelled to become active in this field. Natalie has experience in the working of movement and mind, and she has tremendous energy and passion to help others.


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