Our members are the reason we exist. No one should live alone with Parkinson’s and we cannot stress that enough. Reaching out to someone else could be the best thing one does in order to get the necessary support. Our memberships run on a yearly basis and anyone can become a member. 


Join us by becoming a member of the MPDA and help us to shape the future of the association. There are various reasons why people join the MPDA as members, and following are some of the reasons:


People with Parkinson’s 


  • to ensure you are receiving the necessary care from the health professionals who need to be involved
  • to be informed about therapies and new research developments
  • to attend monthly members meetings
  • to ensure you have support from the committee whenever you need it
  • to attend social events
  • to meet new people who are experiencing similar situations


Carers and families of people with Parkinson’s


  • for all the necessary support
  • to answer all your questions
  • to discuss and share ideas with other carers and family members
  • to attend our monthly meetings to be informed about various services and therapies
  • to attend our social events
  • to help us fundraise and raise awareness




  • to inquire about Parkinson’s Disease
  • to be informed about the latest therapies available locally and abroad
  • to learn more about the best method of care for persons with Parkinson’s




  • to donate a yearly fee in order to support our association
  • to help us fundraise


Our monthly meetings


On the second Saturday of most months, we organize monthly meetings at the ministry for education in Floriana, at 10am. We invite different speakers to come and offer information which is either related or somewhat related to PD. Following the talk, we organize a raffle which all our members look forward to and then, of course, coffee and goodies! Should you not wish to attend our meetings, or if you are unable to attend, we will always send the information given in meetings in writing to members after them. An official invite to our meetings is always sent a few weeks before the date with the required details. 


Becoming a member


It's easy! Download the membership form and return it to the address on the form together with payment. Once we receive your membership form, we will send out your membership card and add you to our contact list.


Members can now use their membership card to benefit from a range of discounts from selected establishments. Contact us for more information on



                      We asked our members: 


                      What does MPDA mean to you?


                      This is what they said…



“MPDA is like a club where we help each other by sharing our problems and so learn how to handle them”


“Meeting people with Parkinson's, and knowing we can get help and advice”


 “It is an Association which cares and offers a means of support and socializing which mitigates the harsh reality of living with Parkinson’s Disease”


“By belonging to a group of people that have the same or similar problems, I don't feel so isolated and feel that I am able to talk openly about my condition and any concerns that I have. I look forward to the meetings very much, as well as outings and meeting new and old members. I enjoy listening to talks by professionals about PD and keeping up to date with what is going on in the Parkinson’s world, and it gives me hope for the future”.